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What Does A Primary Care Provider Do?

Primary care providers (PCP) are the first responders when it comes to matters of your overall health. They manage all aspects of your health, help you stay healthy, and get better when you are sick.

During your annual visits, your PCP will ensure that you are up to date on any recommended screenings, manage chronic conditions, and assist with any new concerns. Having a regular primary care provider gives you access to an invaluable resource that is ready to handle your health concerns. If the health concerns you have can be better served by a specialist, they’ll know exactly who to recommend to best suit your needs.

Establishing a relationship with a provider allows you to become comfortable speaking about any concerns you may have about your health. It also places your primary care provider in a position to advocate for you. Your PCP will be your partner in your health goals, and assist you in your physical and mental health well-being.

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